Mother Teacher Dreamer


Welcome To Mother Teacher Dreamer!

A place to find hope, happiness and love in the home and classroom.  Being a mother and a teacher is a balancing act that no one is prepared for.  Here at Mother Teacher Dreamer you find encouragement, strategies and practical tips that will help you in managing all that you do.

Being a mother and a teacher, you know the difference kindness makes.  Love, kindness and compassion can change heal hearts and change the world.  Here at Mother Teacher Dreamer we will share ways to achieve the dream we all have of how to find more love and understanding in our lives.

There are many avenues to achieve the balance you are looking for; it may be a laugh, a classroom technology strategy or a new way to approach an everyday situation.

So come in and stay a while.  Let’s find the balance between motherhood, teaching, technology and being a force that can change the world!

Join me!