10 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Teaching Mom (or a Mother’s Day Gift to Buy Yourself and Say it was From the Kids!!)

10 Mother’s Day Gifts for the teaching mom (or a Mother’s day gift to Buy Yourself and Say it was from the Kids!!)

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

10 Mother’s Day Gifts

When mom teaches, she puts everything she has into her classroom and her home.  And on Mother’s Day, she deserves a great Mother’s Day gift.  Here are 10 great ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts for the teaching mom.  Prices from low to high, any of these gifts would be a great choice to show mom how important she is!

For Back and forth…
  1. Big Travel Coffee CupContigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid, 16oz, Black

After a night of little sleep, no one needs a hot coffee like a mom.  But once a mom get to school, answers emails, sets up the lesson, makes copies  and says good morning to her students, her coffee is cold.  A new travel coffee cup is just what every mother teacher needs and makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

2.  Work Bag  Pursetti Teacher Bag with Pockets – Perfect Gift for Teacher’s Appreciation and Christmas (Paisley)

Papers to grade, lessons to create, copies to make; a teacher’s work is never done.  But giving the teaching mom a big bag to carry everything will at least make the work easier.  A big bag with a fun design is a great Mother’s Day gift this year.

 3.  Lunch Bag  Fit & Fresh Women’s Downtown Insulated Lunch Bag with Zipper Closure and Exterior Pocket, Stylish Adult Lunch Box for Work, Ebony Floral

Schools are not offices.  Teachers pack lunches because there is no time to go out to eat.  When a teacher finally has three minutes to eat her lunch, they want it to be good.  With an insulated lunch bag, a teacher’s lunch can be kept safe, cool and delicious.


A few Tech Ideas …

4.  Kindle Fire  Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7″ Display, 8 GB, Black – with Special Offers

A Kindle Fire is an awesome, light weight tablet that a teaching mother can bring everywhere.  It can be used for reading, researching, social media or watching videos.  There are apps available for moms and kids.  Everyone loves a fun new piece of technology, even mom, consider getting her a Kindle Fire for a Mother’s Day.

5.  Amazon Echo Amazon Echo – Black

Oh, Alexa.  What is better than giving mom a personal assistant?  The Amazon Echo has Alexa built right in and she is what a mom needs today.  Alexa can add items to a shopping list, play music from any genre or read a book aloud.  The Amazon Echo is constantly learning new skills that will help make mom’s life easier.  What a great Mother’s Day gift!

6.  Smart Watch Exercise Tracker Samsung Gear Fit2- Pink, Small

Most mom’s wish they could find more time to work out, but teachers often do not realize how much they already do.  With a Samsung Gear Fit2, moms can track they steps, set up work out schedules, check heart rate and view and respond to text messages.  An easy to learn and comfortable Smart Watch that is an amazing Mother’s Day gift.

Other ideas …

7.  Great Pens Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Point, 10-Pack, Assorted Color Inks (31236)

Teachers love pens.  Even teachers that use lots of technology still need pens.  Colorful gel pens are great for teaching.  Being the teacher that attacks a paper with a red pen is not who anyone wants to be,  but having an assortment of colors to pick from is great.


8.  Cool Kitchen Stuff  Kitchen Art Professional Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel, Satin

When mom uses cooking as a way to relax after a long day at school, nothing is better than some cool kitchen gadgets.  A spinning spice rack with a measuring feature is a pretty cook gadget. Mom would love a cool, new toy for the kitchen.

9.  Gourmet Food California Delicious Gourmet Foods Gift Box

There are times when a mom would love to get away, go on a fancy vacation.  Often times, it just can’t be done right now.  School, family and finances can make travel difficult, but a gourmet box can give the taste of a vacation at home.  Fun treats from somewhere else can help take mom away this Mother’s Day.

10.  Amazon Gift Cards   Amazon.com Gift Card for Any Amount in a Dot Box (Classic White Card Design)

Sometimes the only one who really knows what mom wants is mom.  Let her treat herself to something nice on you.  Get her an Amazon gift card and let her get exactly what she wants.

Whatever you get mom for Mother’s Day this year, whether it is an expensive gift or a homemade card.  The most important thing is to let mom know that you love her and you appreciate all that she does.  Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas