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10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Should Blog

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10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Should Write a Blog (And how to do it)

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Every Teacher Should Write a Blog

Pinterest perfect classroom.  We hear the phrase and often a colleague comes to mind.  We can picture the image, but we don’t always realize that behind that pinterest pin was a blog post, most likely written by a teacher just like you and me.  What makes them different?  Probably nothing! Nothing, except they decided to share their talents, not only in the classroom, but online as well.  If you ask me, I believe every teacher should do it and here are 10 reasons why every teacher should write a blog.


10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Should Write a Blog

Share your passion

1. Share your passion – Every teacher has a fire burning, in fact, every person has a fire burning in their soul.  There is something that they live for, that they could talk about endlessly.   Writing a blog allows you to share that passion with the world.

Blogging is teaching

2. Blogging is teacher – Teaching is what we do.  We know how to break things down.  How to explain a concept so others can access and digest it.  Blogging allows you to share these ideas in another format.  Creating a blog allows you to move your classroom from one physical place to the whole world.

We are experts

3. We are experts in our field – We are an authority, we know what it is really like.  The expertise we have is valuable and people are looking for the answers you have.  Blogging about your experience offers your knowledge to the world.

Share creativity

4. Share creativity – There are so many different aspect to blogging: the writing, photography, technology.  Blogs can be about anything.  Anything creative you love, you can blog about it.

Keep up in a changing world

5. Keep up with a constantly changing world – Blogging helps you keep current in an ever changing world.  Engaging in the conversations that blogging brings about and sharing your opinion will help to keep an open mind and stay on the cutting edge.

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10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Should Write a Bog

Step outside the routine

6. Allows you to step out of the classroom routine – As a teacher, everyday is different.  No two lessons are alike, but a routine is established and maintained.  Blogging is a whole different world.  Some posts take off, others don’t.  The up and down, rollercoaster of excitement that blogging brings is a totally different from the classroom.  It is such a totally different thing and it is so much fun!!

Share success

7. Share your own success – There is no better feeling than truly reaching a student.  When you finally figure out and amazing strategy, you want to share it.  We all want to help as many students as we can.  When you blog, you can share these great ideas with the world.  Imagine how many people you can help.

Create a community

8. Create a community – The purpose of blogging is to have people read what you write and engage with these readers.  By blogging you can increase your professional community, which will give you so many more people to work with, think with and grow with.

Make money

9. Make money – No one decides to become a teacher to be rich, but a little extra income can’t hurt.  There are many blogs that make money, some make a lot of money, some make a little, but every bit helps.

Keep your mind sharp

10. Keep your mind sharp in the summer months – The summer slide isn’t just for kids.  The summer can be a mindless time for many teachers.  Blogging can help you stay sharp and on top of your game.


Every Teacher Should Write a Blog

How to do it.

Where to start

What is your greatest skill?  What lights your soul on fire?  For me, it is motherhood, teaching and kindness.  Becoming a mother has turned me into the person I was meant to be.  I can talk about being a mom all day!! Mother


And I love teaching! I love the drama, the highs and the lows.  The ever-changing  landscape and kids are hysterical.  I can smile and laugh everyday at work, even on the toughest days.  I also love technology.  Teaching with technology has transformed my career and I cannot get enough.  Using tech, talking about tech and writing about it.  Teacher


Also, built deep in my soul is the knowledge that through kindness we can change the world. Dreamer

 An this is what I blog about: motherhood, teaching and kindness.

Mother Teacher Dreamer.

Next Step

Once you have figured out what you will blog about,  decide on a name.  Think of a fun or unique way to capture your message.  Consider brainstorming about your passion to create a name for your blog, or use your own name if it is available.  It took me a while to get to MotherTeacherDreamer, but once I got it, I loved it!

Once you have decided on a name you have to purchase the domain and hosting.  I use Bluehost and you can create your webpage and blog right here through this link!  This link will allow you to get your domain for free and give you a discount on your hosting.  Usually web hosting with Bluehost is $7.95 a month, but through this link you can own your very own website for $3.95 a month.  The support is great and you can have a site up and running in a few hours.



It may seem a little scary or intimidating, but once you start blogging, you will quickly realize how great it is.  So do it!! Blog, share your voice, immortalize  your story, give your talents to the world.  Your ideas might make the next Pinterest perfect classroom.  Your ideas matter, every teacher should write a blog, we need to hear from you!