About Mother Teacher Dreamer

Hi! My name is Allison Daly and I want to let you know a little about me.  As my title states, I am a mother, a teacher and a dreamer.  I became a mother in 2015 and my entire world changed.  The way I saw the world changed and the way in which I wanted to interact in the world changed.  Becoming a mother started me on a path leading me to the kind of person I was meant to be.  


In 2001, I was lucky enough to find what I was meant to do when I became a teacher.  I am a middle school English teacher, through and through.  As I have continued in my career, I have found beyond the classroom, I have a deep love for educational technology.  I find myself giddy whenever I find a new way to present information, another tool to help engage students or a way to use technology to save a teacher time.


As for being a dreamer, I want my daughter, my family and all my students to live in a world of kindness.  Life can be tough, it can knock you down and shake you around.  You can believe you have it all together and then out of nowhere, everything changes.  I truly believe that when we think and act through kindness, we make this world an easier for everyone.


Why blog?

Well, after learning how to balance the overwhelming task of motherhood and still continue to love teaching, I wanted to share my ideas and since I have ALWAYS love technology, blogging was the natural choice.


I truly want to help you to find hope, happiness and love at home and school.  Being a mother and teacher require all of your heart and soul; you dedicate your entire being to these things and often come away feeling depleted.  Here at Mother Teacher Dreamer, I want to help you find the hope you need to go on, enjoy the happiness that comes from what we do and ways to share your love.


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Teaching with Technology

If you would like to learn more about me, consider reading some of the following pieces.  I have lost both of my parents and have had other family and classroom struggles.  The pieces I WillEven Though she is Gone and The Secrets we are Keeping are Killing share details about my family.  Whereas, What Teaching Middle School is Like and Today I Failed, but I Know Ways to Improve give some insight to who I am as a teacher.


About - Mother Teacher Dreamer

As far as specifics go, I’m a born and raised New Yorker.  Born in Brooklyn, raised Upstate; a product of the New York State public education system. I’ve lived up and down the I-87 corridor in New York my whole life.  I’ve worked as a teacher in New York City and Westchester, NY.  My husband of eleven years and I are raising our beautiful daughter.