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Creating and Assigning Work for Google Classroom

Creating and Assigning Work for Google Classroom

Stepping away from paper and entering a digital world can feel overwhelming.  Just the idea of creating and assigning work for a Google Classroom can feel scary.  However, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems.  As a matter of fact, once you get the hang of it, moving towards a more digital classroom has a tremendous amount of advantages, not to mention the incredible amount of TIME that can be SAVED!!  Follow along and before you know it, you will be creating and assigning work for Google Classroom.


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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Make sure you are logged into your Google Drive account.  If you are on a chromebook, this happens by default.  However, if you are on a desktop, you must click the silhouette of a person in the upper right corner, login to your account and click link data when prompted.  All this means is by logging in this way, you have simultaneously logged into your Google Drive, Classroom, Calendar and every other feature Google has provided.

Once you have done that open a few tabs in your Chrome Browser.  When you can bounce back and forth between your the topics you are working on you will find that it is a time saver to have everything open at once.  So, open a tab with Google Drive and a tab with Google Classroom.  Within the Google Drive tab, click New, then Google Doc.  I personally like to sort all of my work into specific folders (if you are interested in a tutorial on how to do this, or anything else please leave a comment below), however, this is optional.

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Step 2

Create your work.  Within the document you just created, you will create the work you are asking the students to complete.  You can add links of article for them to read, links of videos to watch or write questions for them to complete.  In the example I provided, the students will be answering a question.  I insert a single box from the tables tab as the space for students to answer questions.  This keeps the worksheets organized and makes grading easier.

Creating and Assigning Work in Google Classroom How to 2


Step 3

Assigning the work in classroom.  This is actually the easiest part.  Once your assignment is created, you go to the Google Classroom tab we opened and start by selecting your the class you are assigning work to.  Within the classroom stream, click the plus button on the bottom right hand corner and select assignment.

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Step 4

Set up the who, what and when.  Who will you assign the work to?  What are you assigning?  When is it due?  All of these options are provided on the screen.  If you want every student to complete the work, leave the default all students.  However, if this is a make-up assignment or extra credit that only a few students are receiving, you can individually select each student.

Next, attach the assignment.  When you use all of the Google products, it truly does work seamlessly.  Of course, many of us still use other programs.  You can attach other forms of documents, but as I said in the video, you get far more functionality from a Google Doc.  If you are using a Google Doc, select the Google Drive triangle and select the file you want to assign.  Then decide what permissions you are giving the students.  Is it a view only? Edit?  Or assigning to each student?  If you are using it as an assignment, you want every student to have their own copy.

Once the work is attached, all you have left to do is set a due date.  The default due date is the next day, but you have the ability to set it to the minute.  This could be used for in class assignments or quizzes.  Now that all of options are set, click Assign and the students will receive there work (a lot faster than handing out papers).

Creating and Assigning Work in Google Classroom How to 3


And that is all there is to creating and assigning work for Google Classroom.   Technology can seem overwhelming because it isn’t always clear where to start.  But the purpose of these tutorials are to give you stress-free, practical guides on how to bring technology into your classroom.

If you missed our post on How to Create your First Google Classroom, you can find the post and video here.  And please comment with any technology tutorials you would like us to create.



Creating and Assigning Work in Google Classroom

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  1. Tom says:

    I tried Google Classroom when it first came out, but was disappointed with some of its ticks. One was that my mailbox was constantly filled with automated responses to comments, etc. Is it possible to turn reply off, or shuttle them into a folder where I can peruse them at my leisure while parent emails won’t get lost in the deluge?

  2. says:

    Yes. Often all the emails come from documents being shared. If you assign work, rather than having students share, you will have fewer emails. Also, you can label emails which will help sort them. In settings, you can alter your email settings as well. Thank you and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

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