Step-by-step guide - Create Google Classroom

How to Create your First Google Classroom

Setting up your first Google Classroom can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Watch the video provided and follow the steps and by the end of this video, you will have your first Google Classroom up and running.

STep-by-Step Guide for Setting up Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an incredible tool for every teacher, no matter how comfortable you are with technology.  Whether you have everyday access to technology in your classroom or you are just beginning to introduce it, Google Classroom is the perfect choice for you.   Google Classroom can be used everyday, once a week, just at home or for only one assignment.  It is versatility and customization.

Step-by-step guide - Create Google Classroom

How to Create your First Google Classroom – Step-by-step guide.


What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online organization tool, which allows teachers to share information and post assignments.  It also allows students to organize information, collaborate and complete assignments.  Google Classroom creates a social media type setting for work to be shared and discussed.  This format is straightforward, yet very engaging for students.

So let’s get started!


Step 1

Go to  or type Google Classroom into a search engine.  Google Classroom’s functionality works best with Google Chrome.  If you are used to using a different browser (Safari, Explorer), consider switching to Google Chrome.  It is great for teaching!

Once you are on the Google Classroom web page, select that you are a teacher.  This step is very important,  it is very annoying to try to reset your account if you select student instead.

Step 2

The screen you see now will be your home screen and from here, you want to create your first class.   Begin by clicking the plus button on the top right of the screen.  You will be prompted to either select create a class or join a class.  As a teacher, you can join classes, but for today, click create a class.  This will begin creating your first Google Classroom.


Create your First Google Classroom


Step 3

Name your class.  I find that creating a class for each group (period, section, block) of students you see is the easiest way to manage things.  If you put every student you have in one classroom, things get overwhelming and lost.  So, when naming this first class, make it the first group of students you see.  If you use specific names for your groups, or just want to name it based on the time of day you see them, it is totally up to you.  I personally use periods, but I can be rather straightforward.   You will give the class a name, identify the section and subject.  Once you click CREATE, you have done it.  You have created your first Google Classroom.

Create Google Classroom - Naming


Step 4

Navigating Classroom.  Once the class is created you will go to your classroom’s home screen, it is called the stream.  This screen is where most of your work will take place.  You can share documents, create assignments, and post videos (Don’t worry there will be more tutorials).   Before you begin posting assignments, you need to finish setting up the classroom.  Select the About tab on the top of the screen, this is next to the Stream and Students tabs.

Creating First Google Classroom - About


Step 5

Once you have selected the About section, you will be able to add additional information about your class.  You also will be able to invite co-teachers to collaborate within the class.  The About section also provides you with a direct link to this classroom’s Google Drive folder (where all the work, documents, sheets, slides and images are stored).

About Creating a Google Classroom


Step 6

Invite students to join your class.  Without students in the class, there is no reason to have a Google Classroom.  Once the students join, you can post a question for discussion.  You can share a video for the students to watch either in or out of school.  You can create worksheets and distribute an individualized copy to each student.  The ways to use Google Classroom are truly endless, but we need students in before we can do anything.

Select the Students tab from the top menu.  On this screen, a class code will be provided.  Display the class code for all of the students to see, have them go to the Google Classroom web page and they will select join a class.  The students will enter the code provided and will automatically join your classroom.

Students in First Google Classroom


From here, you will be able to post, work, comment, share and grade your students work.

I truly want technology to help you as a teacher, not to feel like an additional responsibility.  I have been able to regain hours of my life by properly using technology in the classroom.  It is an amazing tool to be used to assist a teacher, not to replace one.

Please feel free to comment or email with any questions you have about Google Classroom or any other classroom technology.  I am here to help you become more comfortable with classroom technology.  Stay up to date with all we have to offer by subscribing to Mother Teacher Dreamer.



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