Going Back to School Mom Guilt - Ways to Feel Better About Working

Going Back to School Mom Guilt

Going Back to School Mom Guilt


The summer is ending, the school year is within reach.  The wonderful summer you have had with your children is coming to a close.  The heart wrenching feeling that comes with leaving your babies behind as you head off to work is so close you can almost feel it.  After the glorious (and/or insanely hectic) summer you just had.  How do you deal with ending it?  How do you deal with the going back to school mom guilt?  


Going Back to School Mom Guilt - Ways to Feel Better About WorkingIt is always around this time of year that I begin wishing for more time.  I wish that I was so wealthy that I didn’t have to work.  I wish that I could just be a stay-at-home mom.  But all my wishing doesn’t change the clock ticking closer to the new school year.  Although there is no magic pill to take away the going back to school mom guilt.  There are a few strategies to make it feel a little better.


School creates a routine.  Mom going to work creates a routine for children.  When we are off in the summer, it is very easy for bedtimes to be pushed later.  And when there is no need for an alarm clock, wake up times can be inconsistent.  By going back to school, you create a routine for your children that helps to support them.  When a routine is established children know what to expect, there is a great deal of comfort in that.  Of course it is fun to fly by the seat of your pants, but schedules and consistency provide an environment that kids can count on.


Working sets an example for children.  There are still people in the world that truly believe that in the workplace men are superior.  We continue to see a wage gap.  Although there is progress as time goes on, by going out and going to work, we set the example for our children that women have careers.  Women are vital to the workforce and therefore, are worthy of equal treatment.  


Adult time.  The summer gives teaching moms the wonderful opportunity to spend real quality time with their children.  At my house we go to the park, we have dance parties, make forts and play all day.  However, there are days that I end every sentence with, “Meow, meow”.  Going back to school gives me the opportunity to spend part of my day talking to adults, about adult things.   Every mom misses their children, but having a little time to be a person, a teacher and having adult time is good for them.


Your students need you.  You became a teacher for a reason.  There is something special inside of you that knows how to awaken a child’s love of learning.   You know how to build a child up, while simultaneously correcting their mistakes.  You are needed in the classroom.  There are countless families that are relying on you to inspire and instruct their children.  


The summer is amazing, but so is teaching.  Of course every mom feels the pangs of guilt when they leave their child in someone else’s care, but you are leaving to teach other children.  You doing a job that truly makes the world a better place.  Of course your children need you, but so do your students.  Being a teaching mom isn’t easy, if it were, everyone would do it.  But they don’t.  It is taxing, difficult, and pulls you in a million directions.  But you have talents that are needed in classroom.  Of course you will inevitably feel some Mom Guilt, but always remember there are reasons why we do what we do.


Going Back to School Mom Guilt Ways to Feel Better About Working