Teaching with Tech

As an English teacher, I know as well as anyone how overwhelming the paper used in a classroom can become.  Currently I am running a 50% digital to a 50% paper classroom, but I am probably going back to 90% digital to a 10% paper classroom soon.   My desk is almost always a disaster (fortunately I have a wonderful co-teacher that helps keep me together).  When the paper is under control, I feel under control.  When you teach more than 120 students every day and each student turns in multiple sheets of paper a day, it can spiral out of control within a few moments.  If you feel this way too, but are unsure how to begin the move away from paper, let me give you 3 tips for reducing the paper used in the classroom.

As a teacher, I often hear people complaining about schools today.   They usually explain to me that the way they were taught was just fine; they don’t see the need for change.  Well, let me tell you, there is a need for change in the way things are done in school.  The world is not the same place it once was, the expectations for what a person can do upon graduation is not the same and the role education plays in the lives of many children is quite different than it used to be.