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Tips to Get Through the Holidays


Less Stress and More Joy

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Tips to get through the holidays

Halloween is over, the weather seems to be changing and the music has begun.  It is clear that the holidays are coming.  Although this is described as the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, it can be insanely stressful, especially for the teaching mother.  There are presents to buy, cookies to bake, events to attend and of course trying to find time to spend with your family.  But it doesn’t have to be a complete ball of stress.  If you follow these simple tips to get through the holidays, you will find yourself with less stress and more joy.


Start Planning Now

This may be the last thing that you want to hear, but starting now will take the stress away.  I know, I know, we haven’t finished the turkey yet, it is too soon; but taking a half an hour to plan the next six weeks could eliminate so much stress.  Make a list, set your guidelines, plan your activities and the holidays will fall into place.  


Personally, every year, the day after Halloween, I make a list of the people I will be shopping for during the holidays and I set my purchase amount.  If I know that I am only spending a certain amount, I find myself looking at gifts a little more creatively.

Shopping Can be a Fun Activity

If you don’t wait until the last minute, shopping for others can be a lot of fun.  Take some time to explore your town, check out the cute shops that you didn’t have time for before.  Consider it part of the holiday experience.  There are also amazing things on Etsy, or you can buy crafts and make some of your gifts.  When you view it as part of the holidays rather than a chore, shopping can add to the festive atmosphere.

Use the Save For Later Feature

The save for later button on Amazon has changed my life.  Whenever I have a few minutes of downtime, I browse the categories on Amazon and put gift ideas in my cart.  Then when I have a few extra dollars I buy some of it.  The rest I click ‘save for later’.  It keeps the gifts in my cart area, but allows me to only buy a few things at a time.  Sometimes I need time to re-think an item our two, sometimes I just need to wait until payday.  But either way, I don’t lose the items and if anything changes, Amazon lets me know.

Amazon Gift Cards

Seriously, these are the best gift ever.  I love getting them and everyone loves receiving them.  It is a great way to say thank you or you are special to me.  They are quick and easy to get.  If you feel like you just can’t figure out what to get someone, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card.


Holiday Treats that are a Hit

It is the season for parties and cookie swaps.  Don’t let these things stress you out or steal your holiday spirit.  Select a treat to bring that you are sure will be a hit.  When you know everyone is going to love what you bring, it makes it that much better.  I personally suggest these Brownie Bombs!  The are delicious and will definitely make you the star of the party.  And again, when you are baking, make it part of the holiday festivities.  The attitude we go into things with is usually the attitude we maintain; keep it positive.

Put the Time in Where it Matters

The holiday season is truly about appreciating the love and joy you have in your life.  During the holidays don’t spread yourself so thin that you don’t have any energy left for those who deserve it.  When you create your holiday plan, don’t try to do everything, try to do the things that will matter.  Spend time with the people that you love and that bring you joy.  Remember, we can’t be everything to everyone.


Find the Joy

Remember to do what makes you happy.  If you like the way a Christmas tree looks, then put it up today.  Order a pizza and make a night of it.  If you find your colleagues are feeling a little stressed out, start an ugly sweater contest.  If you love to sing, recruit some friends and actually go caroling.  Find the things that will make you and others happy during the holidays.


Remember to be Kind

This time of year isn’t easy for everyone and some years are harder than others.  People are dealing with loss and hardships,  the holidays can hurt for some people.  Always keeps this in mind, kindness is a gift.  It is a gift you can give to everyone, everyday.


Don’t spend the holiday season stressing, remember it isn’t about gifts and money, it is about joy and love.  Make sure you are giving what really matters.


I hope these tips to get through the holidays help!

tips to get through the holidays mother teacher dreamer