Why this name?


I always dreamed that I would be a mother.  I know that it isn’t everyone’s dream, but it was always mine.  The reason for this is obvious for anyone who ever met my mother.  I have mentioned her in previous posts and I am sure that I will mention her in many more to come.  She was and will always be my definition of what a mother is.  I am sure many of you can relate, but for those who cannot, please let me explain.  She created a place for me to grow up with unconditional love.  That is as simple and true as it sounds.  With my mother, there were no conditions.  She loved wholly and  completely.  I never doubted, never questioned and never felt that I had to changed or be something for her.  I was loved.  That is what a mother is to me.

As a child, I didn’t know that this was special.  I thought that if you had a child, you loved that child.  Part of me still wants to believe that today, but I realized that too many people grew up with conditions to the love they are given.  Unconditional love can create a strong foundation to build a life on; it grows deep roots. Even when life knocks you down, that foundation will hold you securely in place.  A mother is love.  I want to love unconditionally; I want provide security.  I want to be a mother.

Teachers come in many forms, from big brothers, to roommates, colleagues to children.  We learn when people take the time to teach.  We learn when someone decides that not only the knowledge is important, but the learner is too.  I have had amazing teachers in my life, some in classrooms and some in living rooms.  The teachers in my life decided I was important enough to spend time and energy on, they decided that I deserved to learn.


Wonderful people have taken the time to be a teacher to me, they have given me new ways to think.  Teachers have helped to awaken my spirit.  A great teacher has the ability to reach into the mind, heart and soul of another and turn on a light.  Teachers open doors, free minds and create hope.  I want to be a teacher.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  When we live in the knowledge we have, we stay where we are.  Only through our dreams can we move further, can we create the beautiful future that awaits.  Dreams are hope.  Dreams are a desire for a better future.  A dreamer realizes that it can be better, we can be better and holds on to that dream.  

Every step forward has come because of a dream.  But hope can get weighed down with the stress of the world and people put their dreams aside.  Without our dreams, we sink into the monotony of life and lose the beauty of the future.  Our lives today were the fanciful dreams of others.  I want to be a dreamer.


Mother Teacher Dreamer, a simple definition for jobs I have, but really it helps me remember who I want to be and what I want to do.  I want to love deeply and unconditionally.  I want to provide stability and understanding.  I want others to know their importance and to help them find truth, knowledge and passion.  I want to hold on tightly to the hope of a better, kinder world and beautiful future.  I want to be a Mother, Teacher and a Dreamer.